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Have you ever asked yourself what happens when we die?
Oh course you have, everyone has. It's only natural.

Neither energy or matter does not simply disappear. So where do we go?
There are theories that state that we experience rebirth, we become one with the universe, we live on as shadows of our formers selves forever damned by some God or given Elysium.  

I have noticed though, that for a majority of these theories we are forever aware of our existence.
Why is that?

I'll tell you why. Because no matter what we always implicate ourselves in situations, weather they be hypothetical or not. We don't understand the concept of non-existence so we will always picture ourselves somewhere. Even if it's painful, even if it's tiring, even if it's happy, we are always somewhere. Pushed of to the side or the center of attention we are always present.

But what is Death?
Death was described as the permanent separation of the body from the soul (Often simply the mind). The cessation of the beating of ones heart and consciousness in this world. But that is the very simple physical way to explain it. It's true meaning varies from each persons beliefs, making Death a variety of idealism that conform and reflect on that individual. It has widely been described as a dark cloaked figure or the presence of God.

But I say Death is the ugly truth accompanied and mirrored by the beautiful lie of Life that precedes it. Death is natural, Death is inevitable, it can be beautiful, it can be ugly. Death is many things, but that does not change what it is. It is something we will all experience and something we must all accept.

Despite our tireless outward outlook on the subject, Death remains a reluctant subject for discussion. Because we will always be uncertain of what it brings, dead or alive.

But what would happen if we knew the answer to the question that is beyond us?

Would the religions fall and cry to protest of blasphemy? Or would they rejoice, finally finding peace in knowing they chose the path of the righteous?
Would people right their wrongs knowing what's to happen? Or would they become depressed and condemn the rest of their lives as pointless?
Would families of the fallen find solace in their heartache? Or would they still weep for the loved ones lost.

I believe that it wouldn't be war, or stupidity, or false idealism, or even the earth itself that would destroy us.    
It would be this answer.

It is an answer we cannot live with, but has made itself an impossible question to live without.

We live on because we can. We hate ignorance so we will always search knowledge, but knowledge is deadly.

For it was it not Satan who tempted us with this knowledge? But was it not God that gave it to us?

That story will relive itself. We will be tempted to become the Gods of our world. And I don't believe we will refuse.

Death is not our downfall.

Our downfall is it's true definition, and it's repercussions on our self-centered Life.

*Warps out*




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